Baking up Something Surprising in the Classroom

The final activity for Module 1: Teacher for Learning in the eCampus Ontario mOOC is to explore my metaphor for teaching. I am a fairly new teacher with so much to learn.

Teaching is no piece of cake, but the classroom is kind of like my kitchen. I am a novice baker. My kids know this; They know better than to expect to come home from school to mom’s freshly baked cookies and pastries from scratch. Every once in awhile though, I like to try to surprise them. My confidence in the classroom ebbs and flows much like my confidence with the oven. Sometimes, I get brave and try out a new recipe (a new application to simulate symptoms of dementia via virtual reality). Sometimes it flops (burnt biscuits anyone?).

My teaching sort of equates to perfecting the recipe. It requires trial and error and constant revision. Too much sugar? Let’s adjust.

I have learned to be patient and kind to myself. I know that the perfect recipe won’t come to fruition overnight. It could take years and decades… and essentially, I may spend the rest of my entire career chasing that award-winning pastry.

For now, I will remember that it’s okay to go with the boxed Betty Crocker stuff sometimes as a jumping-off point. My kids appreciate the effort and see me experimenting… I think that my students do too.  

blueberries cake chocolate chocolate cake
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