Prototypes… Not Failures

IMG_20181107_131405I haven’t posted in a bit… but I am loving course development! I have had some experience over the years in planning some community-based psychoeducational groups and courses, but this is definitely a new learning adventure…

I know how I’ve made my own learning “work” for me early on as a University student… it’s basically just memorizing and regurgitating info (content conveyance…  Hmm… if I could just sound smart and trick the teacher). Realistically, this wasn’t true learning for me. It’s taken me awhile to learn this.

With some incredible guidance from Cambrian College’s HUB for Innovation & Learning, I quickly realized that with course development, you NEED to start at the end. This means that as a developer, you must ensure that learning outcomes and vocational outcomes first and foremost connect…  then we can delve into assessment and content planning (it’s hard to resist… that’s where I feel that I shine… where my creativity flows). As you can see from my image above, my prototype #1 morphed into prototype #2 thanks to Open Educational Resources.

My hardcopy prototypes have been through the wringer (the 2nd one literally looks like it went through the washing machine… or even, a Spinning Jenny)… sorry, couldn’t resist!

Prototypes..   not failures… not even mistakes.



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