OCD Awareness Week

SO… last week was International OCD Awareness Week. I had been wanting to write something for my blog, but kept pushing it a day… 2 days… 3 days back. I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to say, and in what way to convey my message. OCD is so incredibly misunderstood. Although I am late for the official awareness week, am I really?

When it comes down to spreading awareness about this unbelieveably agonizing disorder, here is what I can say at this time.

I don’t have #REALocd …not even close. I feel that I understand it fiercely though. I do live with a compulsion disorder which (from what I’m still learning) is often linked to OCD. There is some sort of relationship… but…

I am not “SOOO OCD. ” Not even close. I am surrounded by it though.  And it’s a painful thing. It is definitely NOT an adjective to be used lightly. Some of the most important people in my life live with #REALocd Every. Single. Day.


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